16- channel TVRS / Voice Logger

16-Channels TVRS / Voice Logger : Telephone Voice Recording System (TVRS) is a multiple channel telephone recording system that uses PC and Recording Card to record telephone conversations dialed numbers and caller IDs. TRS helps to make transactions over the telephone and to control the quality of personnel’s work.

General TRS Features:
  • Records up to 16 TO 160 Channels simultaneously and automatically in one PC.
  • Logs dialed number(DTMF) and receives Caller ID.
  • Storing records files on a hard disk.
  • Find and Play recordings indexed by date, lineNO, caller ID, or DTMF number dialed , from local or other computers on local area network(LAN).
  • Convert recordings to wave files which can be played in Microsoft Media player.
  • Recording card with PCI interface.
  • Work with Telephone Billing System seamlessly
  • Robust design and simple interface for fail-safe but user-friendly day to day operation
System Requirements Processor:
  • Suggested PC CPU: More than P4 3.0G
  • Suggested Memory: More than 512 MB
  • Suggested Hard Disk: More than 40GB
TVRS Basic Functions:
  • Supports Windows 2000/XP/2003.
  • Is PCI card, 16 channels.
  • CallerID King Tech”,get perfect callerid recognizing rate.Thicker golden
  • finger PCB, more stable to any PC.
  • Hardware compress(rate=2/5) chips added to board,get better voice quality,
  • save a lot of HDD space.
  • Support DTMF/FSK incoming CallerID.
  • Support Incoming CallerID Popup.
  • 135 Hours /G HDD
PCI 3108 card Tech Parameter::
Card Size: 260mm(L)*112m(W) Weight: About 350g
Channel: 16 Compress Rate: Hardware=2  Software=5
Module voltage resistance: 250V Codec: HDB3 /AMI
Max installation for 1 PC: 10(160 channels) Power Consumption: ¡Ü15W
Working Temperature 5¡æ-40¡æ Signal-To-Noise: ¡Ý30dB
Humidity: 5%-85% Storage Temperature: -20¡æ-70¡æ
Frequency Range: 300-3400Hz£¨¡À3dB£© Input Impedance: 600¦¸
Clock and Data Recorering Complied to CCITT Rec.G.823-1988 Frame Structure: CCITT G.704-1988
Data Rate:   64KBPS¡¢32KBPS¡¢16KBPS Voice Distortion Rate:   ¡Ü2%
Caller ID: FSK¡¢DTMF FSK Modulate Mode: Logical 0:2200Hz¡À1%
Signal Monitor: Signal sound,voice sound ¡¡ Logical1:1200Hz¡À1%
DTMF Code 0~9¡¢*¡¢#¡¢A¡¢B¡¢C¡¢D Data Transmission: Binary asynchronous serial
    Voice Function: WAV, VC2, VC5,AGC
Shaking limit: Complied to  CCITT Rec.G.823,G.737,G.739,G.742-1988
Phone Status Judge Voltage70-100V(Ring)  20-48V(Idle)  5-17V(Hang up) 3.2V(Power off)
Constructer of 16-Channels PCI Card Recording System:
software application to manage calls:

Popup: Popup the client information instantly on incoming call and support edit or modifying client information on LAN by operator. (Including the VIP customer and Black-list), and the incoming telephone number can be pointed to a PC.

Audio Recording Function: Business, technology searching and checking etc.

Network Searching Function: Supports the network operating, and the history audio recording of communication can be searched, replayed on the computer by internet in the PC by chance.

Monitor Function: Can Monitor conversation in real time by chance and backup the audio file automatically.

Free training function with the science and education: can monitor and improve the telephone sale level of any person rapidly.

Audio enjoying function in relaxing: supports the audio playing with headphone or speaker. Many functions of special call center.

Caller ID displaying function: work with the Telephone Voice Recording Software, the function of caller ID displaying can be established.


This Telephone Recording System is not intended for the unauthorized Interception and /or Recording of wire communications and should not be used for those purposes. This System is to be used only in a legal and lawful manner in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.