30 – Channel TVRS / Voice Logger (Model No: HJ – D5330)

Type: HJ-D5330

E1 Digital recording card

  • Cards Size :180*120*20(mm)
  • 8 Rate compress hardware, can recorder 280 hours/G HDD
  • E1/PRI/SS1/SS7 Digital TRK signal
TVRS system basic function:
  • Supports Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/NT/Windows 7/Windows 7
  • Support DTMF/FSK incoming CallerID, Support Incoming CallerID Popup
  • Consists of the incoming customer management system to recognize the incomers and the Popup Screen
  • Support monitor the conversation for every line on the real time by LAN
  • Supports three recorder mode : Phone, Audio, Key
  • Support list and print all the dialed-in, dialed-out and missed calls
  • Can record the direct call. Support the simultaneous recording for the direct phone and extension
  • Supports auto-backup, FTP back up the files onto the burning ROM, supports the auto fold repeat.
  • The outward phone cables, extension cables, ISDN catalog cables, output cables for the wireless interphones are
  • Alarm information displayed on the screen or in the e-mails when e meeting abnormal situation (cable broken)
  • Support duple/quintuple/octuple compression and save and WAV format
  • Support inquire, play and monitoring for the network.
  • With the default multi-language of Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/ English / UAE, etc.
System Requirements Processor:
  • Suggested PC CPU: More than P4 3.0G
  • Suggested Memory: More than 512 MB
  • Suggested Hard Disk: More than 40GB
5330 cards speciality :
  • 8 Rate compress , recorder 280hours/G HDD
  • Is PCI card,30 channels (30B+D), RJ45 jacket.
  • Support E1,PRI Signal.
  • “CallerID King Tech”,get perfect callerid recognizing rate.Thicker golden finger PCB,more stable to any PC.
  • Hardware compress(rate=8) chips added to board,get better voice quality,save a lot of HDD space.
  • Card can detect line voltage,so it’s adapt to any line condition.
  • New module installation ,more steady on board.
software application to manage calls:
Max insatllation for 1 PC 5 piece cards work together in One PC
Compress Rate Hardware=8
Working Temperature 0℃-50℃
Power Consumption 5W
Humidity 10%-80%
Storage Temperature -20℃-80℃
Voice Codec PCM A law@64Kbps, SPEEX@8Kbps
Voice Distortion Rate ≤2%
Voice Function WAV, VD8,AGC
Data Rate 64KBPS、32KBPS、16KBPS
Data Transmission Binary asynchronous serial
Singal Monitor Signal sound,voice sound
Signal-To-Noise ≥30dB
Input Impedance >1000Ω
Codec HDB3 /AMI
DTMF Code 0~9、*、#、A、B、C、D
Master number BEL202, DTMF
Frequency Range 300-3400Hz(±3dB)
Clock and Data Recorering Complied to CCITT Rec.G.823-1998
Shaking limitComplied to CCITT Rec.G.823,G.737,G.739,G.742-1988
Phone Status Judge Voltage70-100V(Ring), 20-48V(Idle) ,5-17V(Hang up) 3.2V(Power off)
5330 cards Connecting:

Sample1: Out line is Coaxial: 703 cable*2, Coaxial connect*4, Hi-Impedance*1,
Hi-Impedance cable*1, Software CD*1, Software keypro*1

Sample2: Out line is RJ45: Hi-Impedance *1, Hi-Impedance cable*1
Software CD*1, Software keypro*1


This Telephone Recording System is not intended for the unauthorized Interception and /or Recording of wire communications and should not be used for those purposes.This System is to be used only in a legal and lawful manner in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.