Fixed Wireless Terminal (Model No: LH-GSM01)

Product Introduction :

Congratulations on purchasing of our Fixed Wireless Terminal. Before using this terminal, please kindly read this user guide carefully.

This is our new design, which uses GSM networks to operate. You can dial the local calls, domestic and international calls with this Terminal connecting with a common wired desktop phone and a standard SIM card.

It is widely used in these areas:

  • Remote country
  • Mountains
  • Dwelling house with weak signals
  • Public telephone shops
  • Offices
  • Removable places such as Ships, Trains, and Long distance buses

Our wireless Terminal also has these characteristics as below:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to operation
  • Powerful capacity of signals receiving
  • Clear talking setting
  • Long using life
  • Steady performance
Key Technical Specifications :

Following are the key technical specifications of this Terminal:

  • Networks support: GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz
    Frequency range:
    GSM 850MHz (Transmits: 824-849MHz, Receives: 869-894MHz)
    GSM 900MHz (Transmits: 890-915MHz, Receives: 935-960MHz)
    GSM1800MHz (Transmits: 1710-1785MHz, Receives: 1805-1880MHz)
    GSM1900MHz (Transmits: 1850-1910MHz, Receives: 1930-1990MHz)
  • Voltage: DC 5V
  • Receive sensitivity: -104db.
Connecting Your Service Provider :

To use the networks services available in you terminal, you will need to sign up with wirelesses
provider and purchase a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) Card or purchase a prepaid SIM card. In many cases, the wireless provider will make available descriptions of its services and instructions for using its features. Wireless provider may differ in their support of features. Before you sigh up, make sure a wireless provider support the features that you need.

Installing the Antenna :

To choose a proper place for the antenna is the first and very important step for antenna installing. You can use your mobile phone to search for the place where the strongest signal is. Then put the antenna here.
Please do not make the antenna too close to the terminal. It will disturb the signal of the terminal.
Please do not make the antenna and the terminal too close to the TV set, computer, and radiogram. It will disturb the
signal of the terminal.

Inserting a SIM Card :

Make sure the terminal is switched off and the AC adapter is unplugged: insert the SIM card only when the terminal is switched off and the AC adapter is unplugged. Follow the instructions below to insert a SIM Card into the terminal.

  • Screw off the screw of SIM card case, and open the cover.
  • Slide back the SIM card door and lift it up.
  • Slide the SIM card into the SIM door making sure that the clipped corner of the SIM card lines up with the clipped corner of the SIM holder.
  • Close the SIM card door and slide it to lock the SIM card in place.
  • Replace the cover of SIM card case and fixes it with a screw.